First Impression - Colourpop

Friday, April 22, 2016

I thought I would start off my new blog by doing a first impression on my latest mini haul.
I chose colourpop cosmetics as my first review because I am obsessed with this brand lately!

Now in Africa colourpop cosmetics is not available in stores, or can be shipped to this side of the world.
It's a huge bummer, I know!!!! I do hope this changes in the future, because all I have is praises for these products. 

I purchased mine from Tasneem who owns Muse_SA.
You can find her on Instagram. 

Colourpop is a very affordable brand, and does not lack in quality! 
From the packaging to how long lasting it is. 
The usual pricing is $5 for everything which is amazing! 
There needs to be more affordable brands that is good quality.

Another great point of colour-pop cosmetics is it's CRUELTY FREE! Woop Woop lol honestly I feel no brand has an excuse to test on animals. Take colourpop it's affordable, has fantastic quality and a variety of colours and products and also does not test on animals.


To be honest I was on a budget,
buying from someone else you can expect the price to be higher than it would be in store or online.
Plus studying right now I can't spend a whole on makeup.
I like different products from different brands to build my collection.
So I narrowed it down to what I needed in my collection. 

I will say when buying online or from someone where you cannot see the product in person,
it's best to research online!
Google google google lol

Go through swatches, find pictures with people with a similar skin tone, watch youtube video's 
and also narrow down the list till you find what you like.
That's if you have a budget lol 
If you don't or if you're living where colourpop is sold locally or ships to you,
 than you don't have to worry as much.

First thing I had to have no doubt was a Kathleen Lights quad.
I have been a huge fan of hers and when she came out with one
 it automatically went on my makeup list. 
She did come out with another quad,
I ended up going with the "Where the light is"
because I felt the colors were so flexible,
and I could come up with many many looks with just these 4. 

The quad has 4 eyeshadows.
Which I swatched.
I swear they are so beautiful in person I was instantly in love.

Blaze (metallic) 
Kathleen Lights (pearlized)
Cornelious (matte)
Glow (matte)

Then the next on my list was to get 2 more shadows,
I went through a lot of swatches and I chose 


However, Tasneem couldn't get the shadow koosh,
so from the options she had I choose the shade Sequin.

I love these shades, I honestly feel I chose well. 
Mittens takes a smokey eye to another level but in a soft way,
and who doesn't want a bit of rose gold when the party starts happening. 

I also feel I could mix the colourpop shadows and come up with a look,
so you don't need a lot to have an everyday look to an evening look.

Next, I went in to choose a lipstix.
I wanted a colour I didn't have in my small collection,
I narrowed it down between grunge or lady. 

I chose lady!

Colourpop has a wider range. 
It depends what you want, and how much you have to spend. 
Theres blushes, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, highlights and much more!

I would love to get more of colourpop, but in due time.
I do recommend colourpop to everyone because its affordable,
so even if you're not into makeup but have a bit for special occasions or you're a makeup addict,
you need a bit of colourpop in your life :)

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  1. Those are some nice colours. Never heard of colour pop though. I have like three eyeshadow sets and that's it, I'm not really great wit eyeshadow so I stick to the minimum as possible. Glad you liked these items though! It's such a nice feeling to get makeup that actually does what it says it does!

    1. I love neutral colours that I can use over and over again! Haha my sister is like that, I like to review brands like this for those who don't want a lot of makeup but want the basics for when they do need it. I was pretty surprised especially by the price it was great quality!

  2. First time I hear about this brand but cruelty free is very important! The colours are really nice. Gives an accent but still looking natural.

    1. It's big in America right now, only disadvantage it's not available in stores or to be shipped worldwide, which sucks. It's like the brand Essence Cosmetics; great quality, beautiful products and very affordable. I love natural colours I think they flatter everyone :)

  3. The make up comes in a beautiful box too mA. I like your lipstick shades. Maybe you could do an eye shadow tutorial? I can never get mine go look good. I'll have to look up this brand iA

    1. It's big in the US hopefully they branch out more internationally, the packaging was so cute and such good quality I was surprised! I do want to start doing some looks, especially with affordable products Insha-Allah soon :) I love the shade too, I'm glad I went with it because I feel I can pull it off in every season. I'm still getting the hang of beauty blogging lol

  4. A 'Colourpop' post to kick off your new blog, all the best. I love the look of the Sequin eye shadow and lippy colour.

    1. Jazakallah :) I had no idea what to post first! But when I got this in the post, and I played with they I was like yes this is my first post lol Sequin is rose gold heaven! When I swatched it, was sooo beautiful and it lasted on my finger for hours since I forgot to wash it off really great quality.

  5. First time I heard of this brand.Colours are really beautiful..All the bestfor yournew blog..It requires so much energy to run ddifferent blogs..How do you manage?

    1. Jazakallah :) It's big in the US hopefully it expands internationally I think it would do amazingly! Omw it's so hard to prioritize your time so nothing slacks, especially while studying and running one blog to start another is really hard. But, it's been my dream so Insha-Allah I will give it my best shot and see how it goes :)

  6. Your beauty blog is as beautifully designed. I loved your old blogs outlook too. Love the way you put in your theme and the pictures and the colour coding...just beautiful

    1. Aww jazakallah so much! I like the sleek and clean look, I'm so not blogging savvy I have some one who basically does all this for me because I'm the time that could some how wipe this whole blog off in a second haha but I think the person did an amazing job, especially since it looks exactly how I pictured.

  7. These shades look really nice. I think I will have to buy them.

    1. Check them out, there's so many more shades and so pretty!!

  8. Not a brand I have heard of (but then I don't wear makeup). Looks good though

  9. Loved reading your favorite is definitely the lady lipstick,I hardly wear any make up..
    Looking forward to new posts!

    1. Aww jazakallah :) I hope to have a variety of content on my blog, not just makeup lol insha-Allah like the new series I just started :)

  10. I am not in to makeup xD but it is veryyy hard for a girl to survive these days without makeup so i really like going for nude lipstick shades and same goes for eyeshadows
    This is why I really love all your eye shadows these are shades i would really love to wear myself

    1. I always go for nude eyeshadows lol it's my go to look. It is hard especially for special occasions, usually I don't wear makeup all day everyday, only when I go out and even than it's not full glam lol
      I found them very versatile on their own, put together and even paired with other colors, thats why I went for them.



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