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My Eyebrow Tutorial - Includes Video

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Now this may come as a shock to many but I don't do my eyebrows; never have and never will! 95% of the selfies you see of me I've done nothing to them, I go all natural lol. Alhamdulillah I'm one of those that have been blessed with nicely shaped eyebrows, so when the time came in high-school when everyone began doing their brows I did not find it hard to not even start.

"Why don't you do your eyebrows Zainy?" - well you see mainly it's the Islamic reason behind it. With a few hadiths that back up how plucking your eyebrows is forbidden in Islam. Now I'm not go into a detailed view of this now, but if you would like me to than please let me know and I will Insha-Allah.

There are many makeup loving beauties that don't do their eyebrows; two youtubers that come to mind is Ruba Zai/Hijab Hills (if I remember correctly) and Annam Ahmad. Click their names to check out their Instagrams, they're awesome Muslim Hijabi inspirations. Their eyebrow game is so on point and their techniques are so good they taught me.

Now like I said I don't do my eyebrows every single day, to be honest I can get away with just combing through it. But, on days where I'm super glam and I need to up my eyebrow game so it matches the rest of my face I go on to add just few steps to my makeup routine.

Wait? What? A few steps...for eyebrows?

Yes, lol it's not as bad as it sounds.

Just remember what I do may or may not work for you and it takes experimenting to find the perfect balance. So now down below I share a video of me doing my eyebrows. By the way I think this video is such a step up from the last video in terms of quality; Insha-Allah I will keep getting better at this. Beside the video I also share the steps to what I do and also tips I have learn't along the way, what worked for me, what doesn't, bit of information on products you can use and so on.


Great dupes for the pomades and even eyebrow pencils is by NYX. 
They have some amazing range and good quality that you know you won't be disappointed.

Literally any concealer you use to highlight you can use to neaten and carve your brows further.
I used this one, its Artist of Makeup by Zukreat Cosmetics.
I sometimes use my Yardley concealer stick but I just finished it so I grabbed this one. 


Please watch the video before reading the steps, 
I tried to explain as much as possible; but it may only make a lot more sense 
if you see how I do it first.

Also please note what works for me may not work for you or you may do it a certain way  that may be different to mine and that's perfectly okay.


  1. So first I like to comb through my eyebrows with a spooly, I like to get started when it looks neat and not when they look like mini bushes. 
  2. Next, it's time to shape them or if you have no hair you would want to shape them first before filling in so you don't go a bit to crazy and draw upside down Nike signs on your face. 
  3. You may start in the front or middle of your eyebrow depending on how shaped you want them to look. 
  4. I usually alternate between the both depending on how much product I got on my brush. On that note I prefer to use the dipbrow pomade to shape them (eyebrow pencils work just as fine as well), I feel even though it's pigmented it doesn't look so harsh when you have full brows to begin with. 
  5. So using a small precision angled brush dip into the pomade, get some product on the brush, than place on the bottom of your eyebrow and basically carve them till the tip. Now do the same for the top. 
  6. Next, using the same brush blend the product either upwards or downwards into your hair so it looks neat and as natural as possible. 
  7. If the beginning of your eyebrow is too sparse and you want to fill in, use left over product and small upward brush strokes to fill it in a bit but not too much. 
  8. When you're happy with them, comb through again with a spooly. 
  9. Now it's time for eyebrow mascara or gel, lightly brush this over your eyebrows. I like to than go back with my spooly just to make sure it's neat and all the hairs are in one direction lol. 
  10. Now the last step is just the extra step you don't have to take, but I do for weddings. Using a cream concealer that you would have used under your eyes (basically a few shades lighter than your skin tone), you're going to use a concealer brush to go under your eyebrows and over just to further carve them and shape them. 


  • The goal is to have your brows look as natural as possible, so if you have fuller brows or just generally it's best to go one shade lighter. Take me for example, there is a fine line of a few strokes before my brows look so thick, full and really dark! Like for the dipbrow I chose 'dark brown' instead of 'ebony', but really a lighter tinted mascara works wonder's to soften up your eyebrows. 
  • There are many brow products out there beside the two I used, including pencils which are more common. Nowadays more brands are coming out with products for brows be it pomades, mascaras or pencils. 
  • When it comes to eyebrow mascara, like I said above get a shade lighter or 2nd best a clear one - even if you don't do your eyebrows and you use this if you have full brows you look put together. 
  • Remember your brows DO NOT have to match, they aren't twins just siblings lol 
  • Down below I share an image that will guide you on where your eyebrow should start, finish and arch; especially if you have thin eyebrows and you're filling them in to be thicker: 

A - begins

B & C - arch

D - ends

DIP BROW POMADE - Anastasia Beverly Hills

                                      - Nyx Tame & Frame

EYE BROW PENCIL - Anastasia Beverly Hills (brow wiz)

                                     - Nyx Micro Brow Pencil


CONCEALER/HIGHLIGHTER - Artist of Makeup Cream Stick

Finally to purchase AOM in Southern Africa please check out or ShamB on instagram, that is where I purchased mine and they do courier (click names for the link).

Now my lovely ladies please remember eyebrows are just eyebrows, don't stress when they don't come out right, don't over remove your hair. Please go in with a lighter hand because you can always build, if you use too much you will regret it. 
Finally you don't have to break the bank for good products you can find amazing quality products in the drug store also don't forget practice makes perfect :)

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  1. Does the Dip Brow Promade come with an application brush?

    1. No it does not, usually all makeup brush sets have the brush I used to apply the product as well as a spooly.



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