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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

For a hijabi hair-care is super important! It's weirdly a shocker to some people but yes even though we wear scarfs when we go out we do take care of our hair  lol  I have been trying a new hair-care brand lately because I like switching it up every-time my products finish, I feel my hair gets too use to a product and than just does not work if that makes sense.

Now I have super straight hair, very soft and thick. However I bleached it once when I dip-dyed it and I have been trying to get it back to healthy ever since. Along with occasionally oiling my hair, I do hot oil massages using:

  • coconut oil
  • castor oil
  • olive oil

Those are my go to oils! I mix all 3 together and heat them up for a minute in the microwave and my granny massage it into my scalp and I leave it in overnight. It's one uncomfortable sleep or lack there off, but really my hair after feels super soft, moisturized and healthy.

I came across this brand when I was looking for a new shampoo and conditioner and it caught my eye. There were various options but I went with the Argan Oil range and 2 products from the Macadamia range.

I purchased:

REPAIRING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER - strengthens and restores

MASK - intense deep conditioning hair treatment

OIL - revitalizing hair shine

The oil however they were out of in Argan Oil so I picked up Macadamia Oil as well as the hair mask. I have been using these products for over a month now so I know if it works or doesn't. I do feel my hair is more stronger, it doesn't break as easily. However if it wasn't for the Macadamia Oil which I run through my hair after I showered I feel it would be a bit too dry, especially my tips. The shampoo has a citrus scent so if you don't like that this isn't for you; I however don't seem to mind it, the conditioner doesn't have the citrus smell though.

I LOVE THE MASK!!! I have used it a few times and I am obsessed. I like the fact that its a packet, usually I have some left over and I can reuse it on my tips because they're very dry all the time. My favorite between the two is the Macadamia mask; along with it moisturizing it smells incredible and than my hair smells yummy! It really is a deep conditioner, my hair becomes more silky and soft than it usually is, which is awesome!

The oil is amazing especially trying the Macadamia oil, it smells sooo good I have to keep myself from going crazy sniffing my own hair! lol A little goes a long way, I've hair it for a month and it's not even half way finished! It does bring a shine to my hair but not in a greasy way.

You can find this line in clicks if you're in Southern Africa, also available at ultra beauty in the US! Check out their website for more information and to view the other products and where you can purchase it. When I checked their site I got more excited to try the other lines of the brand! At first I didn't want to purchase everything because it was the first time seeing the brand. It's definitely good quality, very affordable, love the packaging and best of all CRUELTY FREE!!! They have soooo many products ahh I want to try everything!


  • Now I don't wash my hair everyday, using shampoo strips the oil away from your hair and your hair needs those natural oils. I do however condition my ends everyday and shampoo every 2nd or 3rd day. 
  • A tip when you condition your hair is to leave it on for a minute or two, so go on to scrub your body or sing lol whatever gets a minute to pass before washing off the conditioner, the longer you leave it on the more softer your hair will be.
  • Another tip is to condition your hair from half way, so not the roots it keeps your hair healthier also it will keep it from getting oily so quickly.
  • I do oil my hair when I feel my hair is feeling extra dry and the mask is used every month unless there's an occasion coming up. I know I wear hijab but I love to pamper myself especially before a function. 
  • The hot oils I do every few months as a deep treatment. 
  • Always comb your hair before washing it because after washing when it's wet it's more likely to break and damage.
  • Lastly, I love running cold water through my hair before coming out of the shower, this tightens my hair making it stronger and I have noticed it dries softer and silkier. Doing this and than running your fingers through your hair with the Macadamia oil is an amazing combo! You hair dries up double the times softer and more shiny than just using the oil!
  • Now drying my hair is very important, I sometimes use a towel sometimes an old t-shirt. But air drying is a better option than using a hair dryer. If you don't have the time in the morning to leave it to air dry, than I suggest washing your hair in the night.
  • I will also say if you're the type to curl or iron your hair A LOT take breaks on days you're home, all that heat is not good and will slowly being to damage your hair.
  • Now if you're a hijabi I'm sure at home you're not wearing hijab which is good, or if you don't wear hijab but your hair is in crazy tight styles everyday, you need to give your hair some relaxing time, that means no tight buns or pony tails leave it loose.

Down below are links you can check to get your hands on these products and others too from the Hask brand.

Clicks Store (Southern Africa)
Ulta (US)

Here are some links if you wish to purchase of amazon if you cannot get them through the site.

So as I end this review with the mask in my hair I give it a thumbs up! I do think everyone should check out the range, there's something for everyone. Plus on the side of the world I am in if I can find it so can you.

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  1. It is really hard to find hair care that works out. I don't know how much money I wasted for the wrong things in the last years. I have very good experiences with coconut oil and argan oil. Once a week, I do a massage with coconut oil and let it about 30 min on my head. My hairdresser offers a special treatment with argan oil and I benefit from it every time I go there. I think those two oils are really must haves for women.

    1. Argan oil and coconut oil both are great for strengthening the hair and improving hair growth, if you notice your hair isn't as soft than do an olive oil treatment it works great!

  2. Wow like your hair care routine. Even I get that a lot. . People think we hijabis don't even comb. Lol!

    1. It takes a while to figure a routine that works for oneself and you learn the do's and don'ts along the way. Hahah! I know it's so weird, they get shocked when they see my hair color or how it even looks :p

  3. Thank you for sharing! I have found that since moving to Saudi, my hair has "taken a beating". All of water here is "hard" and extremely harsh on my hair. I also, do not wash my hair everyday, just as you said - it strips it of the natural oils. I have also found that wearing hijabi seems to make my hair more dry, but I also use a oil replacement daily called "Vatika", made with coconut oil, henna, amla, and lemon - it has worked wonders on my hair. My beautician always told me not to wash my hair with hot water, as lovely as it may feel. I will have to see if I can locate this Hask treatment locally in KSA or something similar because our mail is incredibly spotty.

    Just a little tip: After you wash your face with warm water, you can do the same like with your hair - rise with cold water to help close the pores and prevent breakouts!

    1. OMW I know saudi water is soooo harsh! I suffer everytime I go for ummrah, but now since I found the mask I feel it will damage my hair less. I know the brand Vatika, it's great I use to use the shampoo and condition before and the oil is great as well.
      Yes I know that trick works for face too; closes the pores. Also in saudi it's sooo hot cold water goes a long way lol

  4. Well said, we hijabi people should take extra care of our during summers the sweat on the scalp makes it more itchy under hijab. Good nutrition is must needed...these look like wonderful products. We normally use coconut oil only for hair.

    1. Exactly, it damages much faster if you don't take care of it, and it's great to have the wind through you hair and air it out. This products are great especially the quality and how much they have helped my hair. Coconut is great increases hair growth!

  5. I love Argan Oil....

    My daughters hair seems to not like coconut oil....I'm not sure if it was just a coincidence but her hair started to fall out after using it

    1. Maybe it's an allergy, if that happens refrain from using it on her. Don't want her hair thinning out.

  6. I love using castor oil on hair - it works wonders. I use a lot of argan in my skincare products and I find it even helps foundation go on smoother and dries your skin out less when you pop a drop of oil onto your foundation and smooth it on. I digress lol, but I totally agree with you on the castor and olive oil - they've been wonderful for the kids and even for my shedding postpartum hair.

    1. Ohhh I have to try that!! I just use the body shop vitamin e moisturizing drops, but I'm going to try argan oil with my foundation.

  7. I don't know why people are so surprised when they see so many hair products in my bathroom :) I mainly use argan oil based products and also the garnier line for mixed and black women so far I'm satisfied

    1. Haha yeah it does shock some people, I had a lot of hair fall out after my operations; oils really did strength it again

  8. Great recommendations...

    I love the result of using oils on my hair. I have tried a number of them and love experimenting with different hair and body products. I'm not sure which is my favourite but I particularly like coconut oil. I will love to give these a try soon.

    I think only the hijabis know how important it is to take care of their hair - others may forget they really have any hair on their heads when its always covered. Alhamdulillah for the gift of hijab.

    1. Lol I don't know why but every-time I put coconut oil I feel extremely Indian and that I'm at the beach! But it's great for my hair, I'd do more oil treatments rather than every few months it's just that I HATE the night sleep.

      It's a true gift it does protect your hair from the sun rays especially if you live in extremely hot places, little sun is good but not constant it does damage your hair slowly.

  9. Salam, just read and and went to purchase this brand shampoo, conditioner and the oils and mask. Just wondering, when you do your hot oil or mask treatment, do you do it after shampoo and condition or on a day you dont wash your hair?



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