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Saturday, June 11, 2016

*Includes Video Demo*

Omw are these a life saver or what?! I know many brands have these sort of products but this is the first kind I found being sold on my side of the world and so quickly after actually launching!

I initially just picked up the 'lightening' drops because I thought I was going to only use that one as much compared to the 'darkening' one, was I wrong! In this post I'm going to give my honest review, tips on how I use the products, when, is it worth it and much more. Now from my first sentence you can tell how my review is going to go and actually I'm not just reviewing all products I like on my blog. I decided I wanted my blog to have a positive vibe, if I did not like a product I'd mention it but not go on and on and dampen the whole mood. 

You will slowly learn how huge of a fan I am of Kaushal Beauty! She's so amazing and honestly she makes me want to try out new products, but also because she reviews them first I know if I want it or I actually have no need for it. It was after watching her I decided to get the 'darkening' shade drops especially seeing how she uses it, I had to give it a try.

Now both drops are very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. A single drop either lightens or darkens your foundation by half a shade.


See how pigmented one drop is!
Now, down below I demonstrate how one drop on your liquid foundation adjusts the shade.

1st (left) -  is the original foundation shade
2nd (middle) - is the foundation with one drop of the lightening shade
3rd (right) - has a drop of the darkening shade

Now if you're a makeup artist I think you need this in your kit asap! Especially if you're starting out or you need it just in case you get a client inbetween shades or whatever reason you may have. If you're a hectic makeup user or lover, this is great for you. We all have that one foundation that we love so much or have, but wearing it in winter when we're a shade lighter or in summer when we have a tan is just a hassle, these products will help your foundation transition from summer to winter. Now being a hijabi you can get away with using a just off shade foundation on your face, but still if I had to do an entire look using these 2 products and my foundation for my base it's possible!

I attended a wedding a while back and for my base I just used these three products. The 3rd one being The Body Shop 'Freshly Nude Foundation' (which if you want to see a review off please let me know because I have been testing it out).

So what I did is I used the foundation as is, for concealer I tried liquid for the first time.
Using the same foundation I added a white drop, mixed it and applied it to my under eyes, forehead, down the bridge of my nose and chin (I also applied it under my contour to clean up a bit). I blended away with my beauty blender.
Next, I added a drop of the darkening drops to where my contour would being and I blended away like crazy.

Yes you read right! I used the 'darkening' shade adjusting drops directly to contour! One drop is enough trust me! It works perfectly every time, thank you Kaushal Beauty! I love my Artist of Makeup contour and highlight sticks, but they're so expensive that I just keep them for special occasions and so now with the darkening shade adjusting drops I now have an awesome, pigmented product to contour with when I want to.

From my video you can see I put a bit more than necessary, 
I actually tried it directly on my face for the first time while recording,
for the occasion when I used it I applied it to my hand 
and used a brush to transfer the product to my face.
I must say when I used it again as shown in the picture down below,
I literally put one drop and right at the top,
because it's so pigmented a little (like a drop) goes a very LONG way.
I must say once you get the hang of it,
and you blend like crazy it's a beautiful product to contour with. 

My makeup is slaying in this picture ah!

The Body Shop has been slaying with new product releases and if you're a makeup loving kind of girl or mua these are two products that will save you every time!
You can also check directly at any The Body Shop store or online, they are sold separately for the same price.

Hijab: Kashkha
Lips: Colourpop in Lady (I've done a review on my blog on colourpop and this is how the shade looks on)
Highlight: Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics

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  1. Thank's for the review!!! I love Kaushal too she's amazing. You should make more makeup videos, why don't you upload them directly to youtube??

    1. She is awesome! She's my top favorite person to watch on youtube lol Insha-Allah (if Allah wills) I hope to do, but I don't want to have them on youtube. It's actually a very in-depth Islamic reason, I hope to do a post on the reason why soon.



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