Eid al Fitr Look

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Finally got this post up!

Firstly I want to say I hope you had a blessed Ramadan and lovely Eid.
The month just flew by its so scary,
but I hope you made the best of the blessed month.

Last Ramadan Eid I wore an abaya,
I feel if you wear an abaya all through Ramadan it's only right to go for an abaya for Eid. 
So I knew I wanted to wear an abaya but I had no idea where to even begin.
Honestly I was so delayed in choosing an outfit
but I thought I'd give the layer look a try.
Also for some reason I always gravitate towards RED!


Black A-Line Abaya - I actually had this sown but almost every person that sells abayas has this in stock.

Red (stretch/jersey fabric) Throw - Hayati 

Gold Belt - Blackdiiamonds [instagram] - you can find this sold everywhere nowadays

Necklace and big ring - China Town 

Lace-up Boot Heels - Legit 

Hijab - Kashkha (soft material - new line)

I tried a new turban style!
Ah if you want to see a video tutorial let me know and I will get to it. 

I literally went and re did my makeup 10 minutes before people started arriving!
It was so not a makeup day for me, I had to re do my face.

So I don't wear makeup everyday especially liner and lashes so I try to glam up for special occasions
so I step up my game,
that however backfires because I never practice with stuff like liner and lashes!

Anyway I knew I wanted a bold lip so I decided to go for simple eyes, harsh contour and highlight.
Always keep a balance you don't way to go hectic on every point on your face.

If you do simple eyes than you can do a bold lip and face because it will balance it out,
and vise versa; dramatic eyes and subtle lips.

  • Dirty Works 'bye bye dark circles' concealer cube
  • Lóreal Infallible Primer
  • Lóreal Infallible Matte Foundation (30 Honey) and The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation (045 Atlas Dunes)
  • Artist of Makeup Highlight Stick (medium)
  • The Body Shop 'darkening' shade adjusting drops - contour [click here to see the demo]
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour palette 
  • Essencé translucent powder [bake] 
  • Morphe Blush Palette 
  • Becca Cosmetics 'champagne pop' highlight
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade (dark brown) [click here to see my eyebrow tutorial]
  • Urban Decay Naked 1
  • Essence all-in-one smokey eyeliner
  • Smudge liquid black liner
  • Maybelline lash sensational mascara 
  • UBU Lashes 
  • Colourpop Lipstix (lady)
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist (Setting Spray)

lol and than I started to pose with my dad's toppie. 
Well that's what we desi people like to call the Islamic head wear for men, 
only this is from Kashmir and I love it because I'm Kashmiri at heart,
but I also look like I'm embracing my African culture.
Love it!

Embracing so many cultures in one picture 

So I hope you enjoyed this post,
I hope to have more Hijabi Fashion posts up as time goes on. 
I also have an Eid post on my food blog; showing the table decor, theme, menu and more.
if you want to check it out for some entertaining inspiration.

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  1. You look beautiful MashaAllah :) Completely agree with your tips on make-up about keeping a balance and not going overboard :)

    1. Aww jazakallah you're too sweet <3 yeah I don't think dramatic eyes as well as the rest of the face looks good, sometimes simple or a balanced makeup look is more natural.

  2. Ma shaa Allah! I especially adore how you accessorize! The gold belt is a stunning contrast against the black abaya and red. Thanks for sharing

    1. Aww jazakallah, I liked an outfit styled this way so I tried to do something similar alhamdulillah black and gold looks so elegant :)

  3. So pretty. The contrasting red gives it a beautiful look!

    And Kashmir and Africa? Mashaallah. Best of two cultures! :-)

    1. Haha jazakallah <3 my dad's Islamic head wear looks is from Kashmir and I with my turban hijab and the long black abaya with gold I looked I channeled my Africa culture :p

  4. This looks lovely and you have styled it so well. Hope you had a lovely Eid.

    1. Alhamdulillah I had a good Eid and I hope you did too :) Jazakallah so much <3

  5. You look so beautiful ! I prefer the outfit without the red cardigan even tho it looks awesome as well. this chain is so pretty

    1. I liked it too..didn't think I would but I did :) Jazakallah so much

  6. Gorgeous outfit! I really like the combination of the gold belt and the abaya

    1. Jazakallah so much :) lately belt's have been uping the abaya game.

  7. Love the red and black. You look stunning masha'Allah



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