Garnier Micellar Water vs Dirty Works Micellar Water (Includes Video)

Thursday, July 07, 2016

As much as we love putting on makeup we can't deny how amazing it feels to take it off!
Just as good quality products are a must for when you doll yourself up, 
so should the products you use to remove it. 
Right at the end of the post I share a demo video so you can see both products in action, 
scroll down to see.

If you're the type that slacks on removing makeup or generally shrugs it off STOP!
Not only will you wake up looking like a mess, that even a hot shower won't make your face glow.

All those layers of products all night is extremely bad for the skin; causing clogged pores, increase in acne, dullness and girl it ages you faster!                                                                         Trust me it's not worth it, you need to let your skin breathe after a day off looking flawless. I always say healthy skin will lead to your makeup looking good, also if you suffer with acne or a lot black/white heads you need to sleep with a fresh and clean face! I could go on about how taking off your makeup requires less than 5 minutes before you go sleep and how there's no negotiations JUST DO IT! lol
So now in this post I will be reviewing these two makeup micellar water cleanses 
(fancy way of saying makeup removers lol).
I found both at my local drug store and by local I mean the mall which is an hour away sigh.

soo the battle is between Garnier and Dirtyworks;
I share my final thoughts unlike Jerry Springer I will make it quick,
tell you the pros, cons of each and finally choose between the two!


lol honestly I have been saying that all day while typing this post, 
my sister thinks I'm crazy because I'm doing the voice!


  1. Affordable (even though the price is a bit higher compared to the Dirty Works bottle).
  2. However, you do get a lot more product when compared (400ml).
  3. Requires no rinsing after using.
  4. Does remove the makeup very easily.
  5. Removes waterproof eyeliner (even though its apparently the blue bottle that does however this one removed mine).
  6. Quality is great and so is the packaging. 
  7. Good for sensitive skin.

  1. NOT CRUELTY FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Has a soapy scent which actually makes me still want to wash my face. 
  3. Does not remove eyelash glue properly (check the pro for Dirty Works).
  4. I did have to use quite a bit more to remove my eye makeup.
  5. Tad bit drying on the skin after using.
  6. Not travel friendly.

Now even though the pros are more than the cons, for me personally since it is not cruelty free it's a DEAL BREAKING CON!
Yes I know I used a lot of it and I will finish it because why waste,
but when I find a brand that produces a product that is cruelty free
hands down it replaces the one that tests instantly.


  1.  CRUELTY FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. With little product removes all my makeup.
  3. Even removed my waterproof eyeliner and eyelash glue easily!
  4. Fragrant free! So I don't feel the need to wash my face again.
  5. Affordable, actually less than the Garnier.
  6. Quality is great and so is the packaging.
  7. Suitable for all skin types, I don't have sensitive skin but I do know so far I haven't had an issue with it.
  8. Even though it removes my makeup, it doesn't make my skin feel super dry. 

  1.  Even though it may cost less than the Garnier it does come with less product (250ml).
  2. Not travel friendly.
  3. May not be widely available. 

So as you can see both do have their good points and bad points. 
I hate that both aren't travel friendly or there isn't a mini version, 
I think it would be a life saver instead of having to take face-wipes.
I have used the Garnier more than the Dirty Works one because I've had it longer,
but I do feel the Dirty Works one with a little product it goes a long way
especially removing eye makeup.
I do plan on doing a brand review on Dirty Works since I have most products
and I am in love with this brand for years now!
Also, if you proudly like to support products made in your country
Dirty Works is made in England.
I LOVE how it's cruelty free and quality wise I think this beats the Garnier one just a little bit. 

You can see the video down below, I demo myself removing my makeup. 
Now you can see how I had to go back more times with the Garnier 
just to get my all eye-makeup off,
and even than I still had bits of glue on my lashes.


Both do an amazing job, even though I prefer one more than the other I can see both doing the same thing and really no major product complaints. HOWEVER, I will continue to use the Dirty Works Micellar Water and when I finish both I will repurchase the Dirty Works one, over the fact that it's cruelty free and does an amazing job!


Southern Africa - Clicks Stores

Garnier Micellar Water - click here
Dirty Works Micellar Water - click here

Also check out their official website to see where in your are you can find DIRTY WORKS.

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