The Body Shop - Fresh Nude Foundation Review

Monday, August 08, 2016

One layer of the foundation with a beauty blender. Covered my red marks on my cheeks.

*Includes Video*
This foundation has been around for a while now, 
however it only launched in Africa during the starting of this year!
When I went to The Body Shop lately and I saw these on the shelf I immediately got my hands on it.
I've been wanting to do this review for months now 
but I have been having a bit of a love hate relationship with this foundation
and I finally realised why I've been having good and bad days.

Kaushal from Kaushal Beauty's review really made me want to try this foundation. 
She compared it to MAC's Face and Body.
If you've tried it than you know how awesome it is.

Note I do not support MAC products,
so I cannot give a comparison review of my own.
But on the plus The Body Shop is CRUELTY FREE!

I also have the same skin tone as Kaushal, 
and I usually use her shade to pin point mine. 
In her video she chose 050 and she used the whitening drops to get her correct shade. 
I didn't want to do that,
even though I bought the shade adjusting drops,
for practicality to carry them everywhere instead of buying the right shade didn't feel right.
So I ended up getting Atlas Dunes 045, which suits my skin tone perfectly!
The shade range is amazing so I am sure everyone will be able to find one that matches them.

The Body Shop

I am very careful with what I buy when it comes to makeup,
because it can be super pricey and even though the body shop can be classified as "drug store"
over this side of the world it isn't.
I always do my research!
So far I haven't regretted any stuff I have bought,
which I am very happy about.
I think that's the key whether you buy for your collection or work,
is always to research so you don't waste money.

This foundation has a light to medium coverage
it is buildable but with a beauty blender not a brush.
I don't think it works if you want to cover up acne because the coverage is very light and dewy.

Now it also has SPF 15,
this for me is also love and hate. 
Because even if I really love this foundation,
I cannot use it for night-time occasions,
because of the flashback. 
I have however used this foundation for a day time wedding,
and I must say it held up very well!

In the heat the foundation stayed put. 
Once, I had to rush out the door and I was in the sun all afternoon,
I forgot my primer and setting spray,
and this foundation did not melt! 
You do have to set it with some compact powder though.
I did have to dab here and there with my wet beauty blender,
however I really like this foundation.
Yes lol I always carry a wet blender in my handbag when I leave the house!

I will say I have been using this for a while now and I like to use it with a matte foundation,
I do feel because of the spf on some days I feel very oily 
so the matte foundation helps balance everything out. 
You can also just use some translucent powder which also fixes that feeling instantly.
It is one I have been reaching for a lot lately, 
especially since it launched in Botswana. 
A little goes a long way and really use a beauty blender 
it applies much more better than with a brush.

I do hope they launch a non spf version of this foundation
because I would love to wear it for occasions,
it's really a lovely dewy foundation
great for everyday. 

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  1. Nice! But wouldn't using founder with this product also make it heavy?

    I don't really know since I only use makeup for occasions :p

    I think I'm doomed! Lol

    1. Different foundations have different outcomes; you can get a light coverage and heavy coverage. This is one of the light coverage foundations I have tried, you can build it for more coverage, but it's light, doesn't cake and dewy. Great for everyday even for day occasions :)

  2. I am not a big makeup person but I really like this foundation.

  3. This foundation looks good. I've never tried a foundation from The Body Shop before.

    1. 2nd foundation from the body shop that I have tried, 2nd time is the charm. If you're looking to try one this is really good!

  4. Nice, detailed review. I'm the type who likes foundation that covers acne marks without having to use concealer separately. I have no idea what it's like to be able to go for a "dewey" foundation or even just a compact powder by itself.

    1. Thank you so much! I was in that place skin wise 2 - 3 years back. I don't think this is a good foundation if you have acne or want to cover marks up. If you're looking for a suggestion check out Artist of Makeup foundations; they are cream, full coverage yet super light, they are on a bit of the pricey side but I really like them. Also Loréal Infallible matte foundation.

  5. I cannot access the video. The message comes as duplicate. I would have loved to watch it.

    I have used only Maybeline products, that too during the pre wedding make up craze time. Otherwise have no clue much about make up.

    This looks like a good one.

    1. Try to refresh the page, it should play because I uploaded it through youtube.
      Maybeline does have good products, I like to switch mine up but always stick to what you like most especially if you're not much of a makeup person.

  6. I've never brought foundation from the Body Shop because their colour range has been quite limited. But I've noticed they've been expanding their range. As you've said Kaushal compares it to the Mac's Face and Body - that makes it really intriguing to give it a go :)

    1. I've had a terrible experience with The Body Shop foundation previously, yes their shade rage was terrible and more on the pinker side rather than yellow as well. That is why I was skeptical about this new foundation, I saw the range in person and it's wide even the under tones, also with research I saw good reviews so I gave it a try.

  7. I love light and dewy foundations. I've been using No7 which is a perfect match for my skintone and doesn't require any setting etc which suits be just fine because I really cannot be bothered with it all lol! I couldn't watch the video, but I'm going to pop into store, have them try this on me and then go about my day and see how it sits before I buy :)

    1. That is the best way to choose base products, because a lot of the times it oxidizes and you don't want to get stuck with that kind of product. Hope you found your shade or you bought one, it's my everyday foundation.

  8. I'm not a foundation user, but this post kind of made me want to try this! I don't like using too many makeup products, and I've seen a lot of women using foundation to make themselves look a couple of shades lighter, and it looks horrible on them.

    I guess I have to first learn how and when to use foundation lol

    Jazakillahu Khairan for sharing!

    1. Skincare should always be your top priority, if you have clear skin or you're getting there try to wear as little as possible. I've been experimenting with a lot of new products but I do take my no makeup days very often because it can be damaging. Also choose wisely when it comes to shade, what you need from the foundation, price range etc.
      Always ask for help if you go to a store with sales women, do your research as well.

      I hope my comment helps, if you need more info please feel free to message me :)



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