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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Now everyone knows foundation is a major key product when it comes to makeup, 
from daily wear to full on glam you need foundation.
I have always turned to drug store foundations and honestly they have never let me down. 
From everyday to fancy occasions my drug store foundations came through each time. 
Recently I was able to get my hands on some high end foundations. 
When I went to Saudi I knew I wanted at least 1 high end foundation 
from Sephora for special occasions. 
I ended up buying 3 lol and Alhamdulillah (Praise to Allah) I am in love with all of them!
Now in this post I will break down 
why I like each foundation, pros and cons with these particular foundations,
tips on how I apply them and when I use them.


Now I swear by these drug store brands,
if you're from my side of the world where the makeup shelves are not fully stocked
and there's not a lot of brand options let alone different shades 
I can swear you will find these brands coming through all day every day.


Now these are considered to be holy grail foundations in the beauty world.
Yes they're that good and you don't break the bank buying them. 
I love both for different reasons.

TRUE MATCH - n6 Honey

Now with this foundation I only found my shade in the formula with spf. As much as it's a good thing I can't wear it for night occasions if there will be photography because of the flash back. 
I love that it's in a pump, the foundation does have good coverage, it's buildable depending on what coverage you may want, it's light and gives a dewy finish which is the look I personally go for.
I prefer this as my normal everyday when I go out kind of foundation, it's not expensive and I can always count on it to look good.

INFALLIBLE 24hr Matte - 30 Honey

This foundation is matte, now I wish it came in a pump because I'm not a fan of tube foundations. 
However, it's a really amazing foundation, unless you have very dry skin than stay away from matte foundation or moisturize your skin a lot before hand. 
I like this foundation when I am going out at night or will be out all day till late, but I just want a bit of coverage and it's not a fancy outing. 

I also like to sometimes mix both foundations because I feel the Infallible has more coverage and is just as light compared to the true match. I also like to mix them both on days which I'm feeling more oilier than usual but I still want a bit of dewiness. The Infallible keeps my face from looking like a fry pan, yet not too matte. 

Really these foundations are still ones I go for all the time no matter what. I see what the hype was about and really it's all on point because they're very good and like I said they're affordable.

The Body Shop - Atlas Dunes 045

Now when I compare this brand to my high end products, it is drug store. I was quite surprised this foundation launched in Southern Africa so quickly after it's actual launch, usually it takes forever. 
I won't spend so much time on this foundation because I have a full review on it on my blog.

But I will say this is another every day foundation of mine that I really reach for it.
For me I can't afford to wear my high end foundations everyday, to me that's wasting lol
I find this foundation to have a bit more coverage to the true match, it's more buildable and also just as dewy which again I love.
I have mixed this with the Infallible and really works great. I also sometimes use shade adjusting drops (light) and use the foundation as under eye concealer.

to read my full review with pros and cons obviously.


Ahh my new babies.
Like I said in the starting buying the 2 out of 3 new foundations was unplanned.
But I say this all the time when you know you're going to be buying makeup,
high end or drug store ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH!
You never know when you come across a sale or a product that happens to look good,
if you research prices and reviews you will never waste your money. 
I'm not saying read up on makeup all day everyday because I don't lol
just be informed on items that you may want or need in your collection or routine.

Now the foundation I planned to only get was the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
wow that's a mouth full lol
I was going to keep my eye out for a Tarte, Urban Decay or Too Faced foundation 
if I found my shade.
I didn't find any Tarte in Sephora Saudi, the UD and Too Faced range didn't wow me 
so I didn't want to chance it.

My eyes ended up catching the foundations 
at the Giorgio Armani and Makeup Forever counters in Wojooh.

Artist of Makeup - Flawless Coverage 45

This is the first high end foundation I got when I attended a makeup class last year and I had the foundation matched to my skin tone.

I really do love this foundation I say this a lot but really a little goes a long way. I'm not the type that loves full on coverage alhamdulillah (Praise to Allah) my skin doesn't have pigmentation or acne to cover up so I like to go light even for special occasions.

It was also the first time I really experimented with cream foundation and I found the wear for night occasions to be a dream.I will say I'm not a fan of the pan sort of packaging as well as the quantity of product being quite little. I compare it now with products that cost the same or more or even less yet have way more product that this one does.

To me because it is quite pricey and even though I don't use a whole lot of my face I still find the amount very little and because of the packaging I don't find it hygienic. But it is a really amazing quality product, it is very pigmented, the finish is very smooth (I like to buff it in) and it does not crack around my smile lines.

Also mentioning the brand does have a good shade selection especially for those with a yellow undertone.

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation 
- Stromboli Medium 3

Ah the one I really wanted to buy but omw it's just been so hard handling this product.
I don't know if I just got a weird bottle but I kid you not the way this leaks so much irritates me. I don't even want to risk laying it flat anywhere.Which is why as much as I really love this foundation I don't think I can travel with it. Flying back home I had to wrap it before keeping it in the box because I was worried it would leak again.
It is a very very watery foundation which is why I think it probably leaks a lot. However, using it I actually like it a lot, it has a pump and also a dropper which I find cool. Little goes a long way but it's very buildable and extremely light weight...hence the name lol
I actually was going to go for punjab, but I found it was quite dark for me which is so weird but I think I wanted a shade with more of a yellow undertone to it which this particular shade has.
It does have a dewy finish but it's not over shinny and finally it feels so smooth on the face, doesn't crack or cake up what so ever.
Now this was the foundation I wanted to buy and all in all I'm not disappointed with the turn out this product gives, especially for a high end I can tell I'm working with an expensive product with the way it makes my skin so smooth and flawless with just one layer.
I love that when I wore the foundation it did not crack around my smile lines WHICH ALWAYS HAPPENS and no primer helped me in that department.

Giorgio Armani - Maestro 6

I was so not expecting to get this foundation, I was browsing around and this foundation caught my eye and this particular shade. I tested it on my face to see if it matched and it was perfect. Just applying it there I knew it was a really amazing product. It went on so smoothly and it was just a drop on just my cheek! 

Wearing the foundation properly after that I really did not find the dropper to be sanitary or practical. Applying drops on my face I feel I may be adding more than I want to because of it. It has a spf of 15, which is why I love the product for day occasions, I feel it will give me the finish I want yet also protect my face from the sun.

This foundation too does not crack around my smile lines woop woop, because who wants to keep on the back of their mind to check in the mirror all the time at a wedding or function?!

I did a flash test with this foundation because of the spf and I must say it's not that back, you can get away with wearing this at night preferably if you do bake or set your foundation.

Makeup Forever - Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation 128 = Y415

Out of all my new foundations this hands down is my favorite foundation! 
Extremely little goes a long way, its light weight even though its a cream foundation and also its medium to full coverage but you can build it if you want more cover.
There is so much product in the stick and product wise I can compare it to the Artist of Makeup Cream Foundation.
I found that it applied just as well with a beauty blender as with a buffer brush, it gave such a flawless finish, it stayed on so nicely and again it did not crack around my smile lines. 
I was weighing the options of choosing between the liquid foundation and the stick foundation, I went with the stick because I had so many liquid foundations at this point and from my AOM experience I really did like having a cream foundation for occasions. 

Out of all the foundations here my main recommendation from the drug store I'd choose both the l'oréal ones or the Infallible + The Body Shop and from high end hands down the Makeup Forever. I have had no regrets with the products I have bought and listed here today, honestly knowing my preference and choosing well why would I regret. Each foundation has a purpose and has a day or night that I prefer to wear it. It's not about having the most foundations it's about having a product that checks everything of the list you mentally have when you do your makeup. 

Now I have a post coming out real soon, which I will later link here when it does come out. "How to choose the right foundation?" I will share tips on choosing the right shade, the right formula, why you need it, applicators and much more. 

Stay tuned for that my lovelies xo

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  1. Would you say the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation is suitable for dry skin?

    1. Yes it is, it sets beautifully. Not oily yet not drying. I think if you have dry skin you don't have to worry about this foundation cracking or feeling heavy on your face.



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