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Sunday, December 18, 2016

A few months back The Body Shop released a whole new mask range.
All vegetarian, obviously cruelty free and inspired 
by superfood trends and traditional beauty  remedies from across the world. 
Personally I feel The Body Shop is really upping their skincare range 

Woop woop 5 new masks!!!
Admission Time: I am a maskaholic 
Plus with the 3 for 2 sale The Body Shop is having you, 
you best believe I took advantage of it getting my hands on these bad boys. 

The formulas strive to tackle specific skin problems a person may have
whether it is tiredness, dullness, clogged pores, dryness, oily , acne and so on. 
Now rather than being created for specific skin types (oily, combination or dry)
this new range opens you to the world of multi-masking
Which allows you to mix and match depending on how your face feels on a specific day. 
You can use all the products on certain parts of your face creating your ultimate mask,
literally paint your face with different masks (which I am yet to give a go)
or just one mask that day. 
It all depends on what your skin needs
The Body Shop has also released a mask brush to use for the applying the masks,
which I happen to purchase as well. 

- Fresh Plumping Mask

Ah it smells like roses! But than again The Body Shop always hits the nail on the head when it comes to scents, they're always so amazing, so fresh and so enticing.I tried this the other day and I could instantly feel something happening to my skin. When I washed it off my skin felt instantly soft and it stayed soft, I felt fresh, my skin looked dewy and over all I could see a difference. The only con I can think off with this mask, is if you're not so crazy of rose scents that this mask may not be the one for you. The Body Shop describes this mask as a refreshing gel-textured moisturising mask that nourishes and hydrates your skin and boyyy is it HYDRATING. A life-saver on those dry days...yes we all have them.

- Clarifying Polish Mask 

Chinese's beauty secret of rinsing the face with rice water
is a real thing!
No wonder they have such beautiful skin, they have amazing beauty secrets, even their skincare products are mind blowing.
Ginseng is a plant which is known for boosting energy, toning and enhancing stamina.

I think The Body Shop did an amazing job of creating a product the fuses a culture beauty secret with other products into a creamy textured mask that helps exfoliate, brighten and revitalize the skin while removing any dullness and unevenness (as they have described it to be).

I did notice the pores around my nose decrease in size instantly after the first use. Now I just use a bit on the sides of my nose once a week and not my entire face. Even though it tightened my pores a bit it did not make my face uncomfortably tight yet left it soft.

- Purifying Glow Mask -ْ

By far the one with very instant visible results!
I actually purchased just this mask and after using it and seeing the amazing results I had to go back for the others and so far I have not been disappointed.

I actually want to do a mask everyday because they feel so good lol told you maskaholic.

You instantly feel it tingling on your skin, it dries super quickly, you can actually feel it working on your skin. It is the first time I tried a charcoal mask before and this resulted in such a beautiful clean and dewy skin. I mean my skin was tighter yet smooth but mainly I was so DEWY! I actually feel that it really pumped up that night makeup look I wore for an occasion my highlight was definitely on fleek. I felt it was the most DETOXIFYING MASK from the whole range and definitely my favourite!

- Energising Radiance Mask

The sight of it reminds me of strawberry jam and it smells so yummy!
I won't lie experimenting with all these masks I really had so much fun lol and I was not disappointed but my face got a super intense cleanse during the process.  

This one instantly made me feel fresh, more so than the British Rose mask. Basically woke me up. I loved that it also has exfoliating properties, which when washing it off your face gets more of a deep cleanse. Your pores get unclogged and your skin is left soft and fresh looking

Makes sense after reading up on Acai which is rich in antioxidants and vitamins and helps fight fatigue and boosts the immune system. Reading more on it online I realise the description of it is very true because after using the mask I did feel more awake, more preppy and my skin felt amazingly bright but not in a dewy way more like healthier

- Deep Nourishing Mask - 

Now this is one I did not pick up but only for the reason that when I do want to use honey I use raw honey on my face which is available where I'm from.  If this mask is anything like the others I'm sure it's amazing!  It's suppose to smooth out the skin, calm the skin which honey is known to do. Honey is known to heal the skin especially with acne I would think this would work wonders. 

- Face Wardrobe Brush

Honestly when it comes to masks I usually use an old foundation brush, but seeing this brush I realised I can actually use it for makeup purposes as well and it's perfect for cream contouring because its angled and dense.
Anyway I have used it for the masks and it applies way better than a foundation brush. I must say it doesn't soak up the product, its dense but not stiff and it cleans super easily. The bristles dry soft even without me using conditioner or olive oil which I was very impressed with. 

I hope you liked this review and product breakdown,
I know in most parts of the world The Body Shop is considered 'drug store',
but in my side of the world it's pretty pricey so reviews help a lot before buying products.
Like I said right now there is a really good sale going on at The Body Shop,
3 for 2 which is how I got my hands on most of them
as well as a birthday present for my sister. 
I love masks they're definitely my splurge when it comes to skincare by far!


Comparing with masks I have tried before I must say it's not a slight difference I notice 
but a HUGE one right after using each and every one of the masks I bought
and the effects last for a very long time.
Best purchase ever, especially since you don't need all unless you want all. 
But you can choose to your skin specifics and what you would like to work on.
Also a quick tip I don't know if anyone else does this but if you use a mask than go shower,
I personally feel it does not work with these products. 
I put it on after I shower which I find weird but some how it works and the results are way better!
If you have a question on any of these products please feel free to ask me.

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  1. I would go for the Himalayan charcoal mask. Its such a wonderful one I dont want to switch!!

    1. From all of that it's my number one! You can actually see the glow after which blows my mind instantly because I haven't seen such results right after washing off the mask.

  2. Oh wow they all look so good and I want a fresh skin so I guess I should buy these.
    Actually I have never applied masks before so I am bit you know confused.
    But this review is really helpful.
    Thank you!❤

    1. REALLY?! You need to get your hands on some, makeup is one thing but masks are amazing. You can have some me time. If you have to get one I would say choose from this range you won't be disappointed.

  3. This is really helpful! Though I'm not a frequent visitors I think the sale will just make me get out lol!

    1. Haha take advantage of those holiday sales :p

  4. Ethiopian honey just sounds SO lush! I hope this sale is still on or that they have an even better one for the new year so I can pick these up

    1. Even better they're having a 50% off on selected products so if you're lucky it could be half the price!

  5. The Himalayan charcoal and Ethiopian honey sound very intriguing. That's the cultural element that will delight many buyers. And you are right, the body shop scents are truly powerful. Enjoy your masks.

    1. Aww thank you! They really are amazing :) Totally a repurchase...

  6. I think I'd go for the Amazonian Acai mask. I need it in my life right now. It does look the strawberry jam as well!

    1. It really does brighten your face up and cause it smells so yummy you instantly wake up.

  7. Ohh I love face masks...if I got one I wouldn't know which to choose they all sound amazing!

    1. Hehe my fellow maskaholic! See how I was drawn to get most! Lol I was weak cause the first worked so amazingly.

  8. I'd opt for honey! Although I just about find time to blow dry my hair! Lol

    1. Haha I can imagine as a mummy it must be hard to find me time, but you should try to put some time to yourself Insha-Allah you have to :)

  9. Which mask do you recommend for oily skin?



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