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Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance (Review and Tutorial)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I finally got my hands on this beauty a few weeks ago and I AM IN LOVE!
Also I hope you enjoy my tutorial which is down below
This is a palette I definitely wanted to complete my eye-shadow palette collection. 
I'm not a collector in a sense that I don't need to have every product released,
 but I did want to complete my mini collection to have different shades.
Cranberry and Rose Gold took over last year by far, not only did this palette release
 but so did the Rose Gold palette by Huda Beauty which had very similar matte shades.
I cannot have a show down of the 2 palettes because I don't have the Huda Beauty palette. 
However, I did have to decide which to get 
so I will share the reason why I chose this over Huda and why I don't regret it. 

I love Huda Beauty just as much as Anastasia Beverly Hills.
The products are always such amazing quality and cruelty free.
When ABH released this palette I instantly had to have it.
I tried ABH products previously and I knew I could depend on the quality. 
However, before I could get my hands on it I got a chance to try out some Huda Beauty products,
even though the quality wasn't consistent in the deeper toned products 
I saw the quality in general was really good. 
Imagine my dilemma.
It took me months to actually decide, I read up on posts and even asked people I knew personally. 
ABH had the same review over and over again, no one was disappointed
Huda Beauty's palette however the reviews were in consistent
Some said the matte shades weren't that wow some said the foiled shades weren't that good. 
Hmm being the person who has to save for my makeup 
I knew I couldn't afford to make the mistake in buying a palette I wasn't completely happy with.  

I finally decided on Anastasia Beverly Hills.
It has a velvet cover like the Urban Decay Naked palette,
you get a duo brush and finally there are 14 shades in the palette.



  1. Set your primer with Golden Ochre.
  2. Blend in your crease with Burnt Orange.
  3. Move on to Realgar and do the same thing. 
  4. Repeat this same step as the previous 2 with Red Ochre.
  5. Blend in Cyprus Umber but just in the outter corner. 
  6. Carve with a concealer on your lid and follow to pack on Primavera over it.
  7. Use Red Ochre, Realgar, Primavera under your water line and finally Tempera under your brow bone.


Makeup Forever Step 1 Primer

Nars Weightless Foundation

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

Artist of Makeup Dark Contour Stick

Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop

Essence All In One Transulcent Fixing Powder

Mikyajy Splendous 702 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow and Essence Brow Gel Mascara (eyebrow tutorial Click Here)

Mikyjy 22k Retractable Eyeliner

TooFaced Better Than Sex 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist


Can't I just wear this palette all day everyday?!
The shades in the palette are more warm toned,
you can create looks from bronze red/burnt orange to warm golden to cranberry and rose gold.
It is so versatile, that even a little setting spray
before using the shimmer shades make them pop more.
They blend sooo effortlessly
however they is a bit of fall out with the shadows,
so go in light handed especially with the the darker shades.
On to the brush, you know how brushes that come in palettes are usually USELESS?
Well this brush was the opposite,
it was soft, fluffy and worked so well with blending and packing the shimmer shade on the lid.
This is just one look I created but they are endless possibilities from this palette.
I love that you can use it to create a whole look on it's own as well as pair it with other palettes.
Anastasia Beverly Hills slayed when creating this palette
and guess what it is NOT LIMITED EDITION
so you can definitely get your hands on it if you haven't already.
It made it to my palette of the year in my #1 Products Of 2016,
if you haven't read that post out to see what I really loved
click here 
to check it out.

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  1. i feel u girl. currently i have a huge dilemma either to buy Modern Renaissance palette or Huda Beauty rose gold palette. Because of this post I managed to make up my mind (finally!) One of the main reason maybe because I'm on the tight budget and MR palette is definitely cheaper than HB. But I hope I can own both in the future. :P

    1. It is much more affordable and the quality is amazing so it's not like you loose on that! Also it's more affordable to than buy pressed glitter eyeshadows if you really want the glitter aspect of the HB palette and it will still be more affordable than the HD. Happy I could help you make your mind up.



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