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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

You can finally see some
Mystique Beauty products in action.
I was going to include the product review in the makeup post itself but I thought the products
and brand itself needed their own moment to shine on my blog.
I was quite skeptical when I purchased these 3 products, 
because of the amount of HYPE they had I wasn't sure if they would be that good
or just a passing trend.

What caught my eye with the brand is that it's CRUELTY FREE!
If the site could drip in gold and it makes me want to buy everything lol
LUXURIOUS is an understatement when it comes to the product!

Before I get into what I bought and my thoughts on them,
 I got a chance to have a small interview with the founders of Mystique Beauty. 
I learn't so much about them and the company that I really began to admire them more.

1. Who founded the company and when?
I co founded the company with my partner Mariam Joosab owner of simply laser aesthetic clinic in June this year (2016). 

2. What inspired you to start?
My name is Naseeha, I'm 21 and currently in my 3rd year of a LLB degree. I have this uncontrollable zeal for opportunities and ideas. Every detail I analyze I conceptualize into what it can be and what more can I do. From the age of 16 I started toying with online stores via Instagram, a little fashion, a little jewelry and a well of ideas. The other business went on to being a success as I handed them over to others to control and took a dividend out off them as my share. With mystique beauty we were heading in the right direction however town between skincare or makeup and a focal point to begin with. Personally I've always had very good skin and have never known the feeling of concealing a pimple or a bad breakout day. That is until recently which awakened me into an entire world on skincare regimes and the vital knowledge of how important it is to take care of your skin. 

3. What are some of the bestsellers?
Our entire 24K gold range and our black suction masks. 

4. What does your business aim to succeed when it comes to the products and customers? We have never received a bad review on our products or a complaint that the product does not work, it's been all positive feedback since the day we started and we hope mystique preservers in this medium. We aim for a 1000% customer satisfaction and always give more in every order then what a customer has paid for without a doubt every order includes a freebie. 

5. Do you think your major focus will always be skincare or would you like to branch more into makeup?
We would love to branch into make up, in fact we've already crossed over and have planned an entire launch as off January 5th.

6. Do you ship internationally? Unfortunately we currently don't, however we will soon :)

7. Do you think you will branch off into having a store or starting up pop up stores in Southern Africa? We do pop up at least once every 2 months and are located at various spas. However we would love to expand our reach and work on a store launch soon. 

8. What are the new launches or what should my viewers keep an eye out for in 2017?
LOTS & LOTS of make up and something extremely exciting we've been keeping the wraps on. 

9. Any additional words you would like to include?
MYSTIQUE BEAUTY is beauty built with class, intelligence & sophistication. We cater to woman from all walks of life, for every budget and to every beauty need. We absolutely love making another feel special and it's absolutely breathtaking when you know MYSTIQUE BEAUTY just made someones day from the little insta tags we get to the lengthy thank you emails + the phenomenal returning customer. 


* Hint hint *


"A hypoallergenic hydrating and intensifying elasticity eye sheet soaked with collagen essence made of natural fiber and botanicals. 
Eliminates dark circles and fine lines – 100% Collagen and other minerals present within the eye mask, speed-up cell & collagen rejuvenation. 
This increases the elasticity in the eye contour while reducing eye bags and problems such as dark rings & fine lines."

If you follow me on snapchat you know how much I love my eye brighteners! lol I love to wear them over night, I feel they work best. There has been such a hype over the gold skincare range I just had to try these out and comparing them from the normal ones from the drug store omw I was surprised!
They actually work all the way!
Even though it states to only wear it for 30 minutes, I wore mine over night and I loved it.
Unlike the drug store eye brighteners these were so much more cooler and it stayed cool for most of the night which I think is how it really worked to de puff my eye bags and lighten them.
I feel I can get 2 uses out of this:

  • I wear it over night, by the morning it is dry.
  • I dip it in cold water till it puffs up again (after a few seconds) and put it on again as I get ready before doing my base makeup.

You can purchase the whole tub of them instead of a pair. I know it seems a bit steep for eye brighteners but they really do work and are totally worth it.

DIRECT LINK - click here


"Replenish your lips with our 24K gold lip masks infused with plant based collagen that helps soften 
& refresh your lips to leave them looking full, luscious & plump.
The plant based collagen penetrates and moisturisers the lips and surrounding area by accelerating blood circulation, 
resulting in a more youthful appearance."

I've never tried lip masks, all I ever use is the Lush lip scrub to exfoliate before wearing a liquid lipstick. Now I didn't wear this overnight lol I would somehow wake up with it in my hair, but I did wear this for 15 minutes while doing my eye makeup.I did feel it moisturised my lips A LOT, made them much softer and wearing the liquid lipstick after it set much better.
I popped this back in the packet after using it to reuse it one more time and it actually worked again.

DIRECT LINK - click here


"It is made of 100,000 ultra-fine bristles that are densely packed together to ensure a flawless and airbrushed finish.
The handle is extremely lightweight and built ergonomically // not to mention super chic. The fibres are synthetic and cruelty-free.
 This beautiful state of the art brush cuts down application time immensely."

I have been wanting to try out an oval brush since I saw them pop up on every social site this year. But I'm a the type that if I have my set of brushes I rarely go on to buy more. 
When I got the chance to get this I took it and I love it. 
The finish is beautiful but I say this if you want a full face coverage use this brush. If you want an every day light coverage I personally wouldn't reach for it. I do however use it for my cream contour and I feel it blends beautifully.
Honestly, I did get the brush from someone else, when I bought the eye brighteners and lip tox the brush was sold out. Even though the brush is from someone else IT IS FROM MYSTIQUE BEAUTY, she got it from their website.

DIRECT LINK - click here

Mystique Beauty is a brand that I admire,
not only are their products AMAZING 
but so is the way they interact with their customers.
Which is something I will always support,
from experience I cannot stress how important it is.  
They have a little of everything from skincare to makeup. 
As you read from our interview they are expanding into makeup,
which you can see some sneak peaks on their instagram and 
This is a company to keep your eye on.
Down below are the links to their social sites,
as well as the videos I used the products in. 





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