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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Prepare to be obsessed with hijabs from 'Love Hijab', 
 they are AMAZING!
I have been following Love Hijab on Instagram for a while now and I always stalk their page.
It's perfect if you want inspiration on what hijab will match your outfit,
which I love to do. 
I don't know about you but when I buy a hijab I always picture different outfits 
that I could possibly come up with to match with it. 

Now I got offered a lovely opportunity that was so much fun to take part in
and this is how this post came to be. 
This is a wishlist post, featuring all the hijabs from 'Love Hijab'.
I share 4 outfits that is exactly my kind of style recently,
and 2 bonus ones that have a twist.
Where I'm from summer is killer hot and winter doesn't get snow cold,
which is why I tried to keep it simple and relate-able. 

If you like any piece from which ever outfit I share,
it will all be linked down below so you can purchase it.

 - click here

- click here


MAKEUP INSPIRATION - Simple Nude/Bronze Eyes and a Popping Red Lip

How could I not use one of NabiilaBee's hijabs!
Ah I'm a huge fan of hers and I love how she styles her hijab.
For this look I could do a turban style or I'd even pin it show it flows to one side.
I just love that this fabric can go from winter to summer and it's so versatile with the different styles.
I will also say this everyone NEEDS A POP OF RED in their hijab collection to brighten any look up. 


WHITE TOP - Cold Shoulder Top

MAKEUP INSPIRATION - Simple Smokey Eye and Deep Lip

Okay I know my Autumn look is borderline winter, but this is how I like to work it in Autumn.
Heeled boots and a bit of rocker chic.
You can definitely take this look into winter as well.
I love this hijab, how cool is the zipper detail,
I have never seen that before! 


JUMPER -  Nude Jumper

LIPSTICK - Nars La Main Bleue Velvet Lip Glide

Ah winter. Like I said above our winter's don't get super snow cold, so I can get away with just this or throw on a jacket and I'm good to go.
I love boots in winter but than again who doesn't?!
I love this hijab because not only is the colour very warming but also it has a lovely detail on the border.
Also look at the colour range, perfect for autumn and winter in my opinion. 


SNEAKERS - Vans Era - White 

This is just SO BEAUTIFUL!
There are 2 other ombre options and ah they're just stunning.
Like look at this fabric it's just so flowy and airy I could see myself wearing this in both spring and summer!
I honestly haven't seen an ombre hijab in this type of fabric before, usually it's all wool and I boil at the thought of wearing wool in my hot hot country lol


Now to me this outfit wishlist is not only about what you need to buy to make an outfit 
yet also what you have lying in your closet. 

The 2 outfits I share you can see it's what I am wearing and hijabs I found on the 'Love Hijab' website that I think would fit perfectly.

Matching hijabs to abayas and dresses has to be the most TEDIOUS job ever.
I love to switch up my abaya hijabs and not wear the black hijab that comes with it all the time.
However, finding the perfect colour is nearly impossible.
Just like when it comes to dresses, if you're buying them from a store or even if it comes with a hijab sometimes the colour is just overwhelming and so you need to break it up with another.
This site is a lifesaver for all that. 

I personally would love wearing 'NabiilaBee's Pashmina' in Coffee with the gold/bronze dress.Because the dress was so wow and gold I didn't like the idea of matching it with a gold chiffon scarf as well as a gold inner. I broke it up with some brown which complimented the gold/bronze which is why I would pair it with this hijab in a lovely turban style.

Now on to the abaya, like I said before I sometimes like to wear my abayas with a colourful scarf rather than the standard black one it came with. I love with this soft kimono fabric to match 'Mia' in the chiffon hijab with this abaya to bring some brightness to it. 


To end this lovely post I had to just show you how amazing the range is from 'Love-Hijab'
From the neutrals to all the colours in the rainbow,
this online hijab store is a 
You will never struggle to find a hijab to match an outfit again, 
especially dresses for formal occasions or even to pump up your abaya game. 
Those are the hardest for me to find a match for and I am sure for you to. 
What I also love about this side is that it's not only the colour range that has variety 
but also the types of fabrics as well.

Now like I mentioned above this isn't a traditional wishlist type of post, 
I had to jazz it up a bit.
I do want to do more wishlist posts for sure, beauty, fashion etc. 
If you would like to see anything in particular or have any thoughts please let me know. 


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  1. Nice review , I don't usually wear the wrap kind , I usually wear 1 or 2 piece pull on hijabs as I am busy chasing children and dislike pinning them because I always poke myself

  2. I'm not much for fashion but these are allnicely put together. Howeve, maybe itwjust personal taste but I can't imagine wearing them. Maybe when I was like 5-10years younger. Hehehe!

  3. I love all of these outfits! They're so simple and chic and can easily be thrown together on a budget. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Wow just loved how you matched these beautiful hijabs with your outfits��
    Gonna check their insta right now

  5. They all look pretty fabulous. Maybe there is hope for they seem easy to put together.

  6. You coordinated the outfits in great way! Loving the 'bee' hijabs

  7. Have followed Love Hijab but am yet to purchase any of the hijabs. They do look nice though

  8. In total love with the fabric and color....wonderful....need to check the site in leisure....thank you for introducing....



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