Abaya Lookbook - EID 2017

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

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I know it's still Ramadan, but getting your Eid outfit in advance is a must in my opinion.
You don't want to be rushing around last minute looking for something to wear,
especially while fasting and during this blessed month. 

Now last year I went for hajj alhamdulillah,
so I bought quite a few lovely abayas,
which I decided to show you in a look-book.
Kimono abayas are still a big hit everywhere especially coloured abayas,
which are so lovely to have instead of wearing black all the time. 

Now even though I cannot link these abayas that I will be showing
 to any particular business,
at the bottom I will share a few abaya businesses on instagram that I LOVE TO BITS!
They have amazing designs you are bound to find the perfect Eid outfit 
from them or be inspired by the different styles. 
Now they are so many more businesses I follow and love,
if you would like to know more let me know.

Like I said they are so many different styles of abayas,
it is so lovely how the range is so wide and accommodating to everyone's preferences. 
Personally, I try to not over spend on an abaya,
just because fashion changes so quickly and I don't wear abayas full time. 

HEELS - Legit 
HIJAB - Kashkha 
EARRINGS - ebay find 
LIPSTICK - Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Hex 
HIGHLIGHT - Nars Albatross 


I love this abaya, it's very on trend with the chiffon material and being colourful.
This is especially great if you're having Ramadan 
on the side of the world that is experiencing summer.

I love how flowy it is and the tassel belt adds that hint of glam. 
I know a lot of abaya stores are selling these so keep an eye out and if you go to Saudi these are literally everywhere and super affordable with different designs. 


Honestly at first I did not like this abaya, 
even though it is kimono style which is my favourite 
I didn't like that the zip doesn't turn this into an open abaya. 
However, how can I not love this style, the zip detailing is perfect even around the sleeves. 

I personally love abayas that flow as I walk especially if it's closed off.
Keep your eye out for thick belts because they seem to be on trend as well as zipper designs for an edgier look. 


The trend has shifted from secret tie up abayas to the sinched waist. 
Now this is a style not everyone may be comfortable in,
but with such a wide range of different fabrics and styles you can definitely find something that makes you look super stylish this Eid.

Remember your abaya does not have to be dragging on the floor,
you can have one a bit lifted which is great to show off those heels underneath. 


This has to be my favourite abaya,
I love that it is a tie up, with a semi thick belt,
I love how it flows when I walk and I especially love the feel of the material.
It's so soft and it's one of those abayas even if you leave it open 
and throw over an outfit it looks amazing. 
I paid it with a very flowy hijab style, and I tucked the ends of the hijab under the belt.


IG: @enrobe_collection  IG: @modest_revolution 

IG: @modestybysaima    IG: @adornmentbyaadila  

I hope you liked this look-book,
I want to do more with different looks.
If that is something you would like to see
please let me know. 
I also hope you check out the lovely abaya businesses I have listed,
I am IN LOVE with all the pieces they have
that I had to share it with you all so you can give them a look.

I hope you are having a blessed month
please remember my family and I in your prayers. 

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  1. All of these abayas are gorgeous, let me know if you know of any company that sells plus sizes. I could probably use some wardrobe updating into the 21st century. I still wear my old polyester embroidered abayas from AGES ago. The kimono abaya looks lovely, but might have to layer a shirt under that or wear arm bands as I try to keep my arms covered...

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved looking at all these different abaya looks. So many different styles of abaya out these days. My fave has to be the first. I love kaftan abayas. Also I love the brighter colours. Perfect for summer! #MuslimahBloggers

  3. Lovely abayas! the forth look is my favourite the material looks so pretty and the pink designs are gorgeous!

  4. Masha'Allah loving all these abayas. I don't wear them but these ones look so stylish.

  5. I really love all the abayas you're wearing and especially the last one. It's so stylish and chic. Perfect for flaunting it even at a party!

  6. This post is an example that modesty doesn't have to be boring :) . Love the looks and shots mashaAllah!

  7. Love all these abayas, so beautiful for Eid <3

  8. Such gorgeous abayas��
    Loved every look.
    Thankyou for sharing this!
    I think I should buy one for myself too.



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