Kocostar Slice Sheet Mask Review

Sunday, July 02, 2017

So recently these sheet masks have been somewhat trending, 
it's not a full mask yet slices that you stick all over your face. 
Now you know me I LOVE SKINCARE
and I love buying and trying out new types of products 
especially masks.

I will say you cannot purchase from the website for some reason. They do provide a stock list on the site, which is basically other websites that sell the masks.
Tat's probably the only thing I could find bad about this brand, is how to actually get your hand on them.

Here is a link to their stock list, on their official website 
You can get your hands on these products in the USA, Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, UK, Australia and a few online stores.

I actually purchased mine on Ebay, it was not stated on the stocklist but I did check to see if it was verified and it was, even when the package arrived the return address was the address stated on the official website so I have no doubt about where I purchased them from. I will link the ebay seller I purchased from so you can check it out there, when I purchased there was free shipping.

So I placed my order in and while waiting for my package to arrive I was inspired to create a two easy DIY versions using actual rose petals, which if you haven't seen the post before

I love Korean skincare, generally Asian skincare is amazing, just looking at them their skin is flawless you can bet that their skincare kicks butt!!!
Totally worth every penny and it is very affordable!


There is so many different sheet masks on the site,
as well as different types like foot masks, hand masks etc.
There is such a variety and something for everyone.

So what I love about these masks,
is that each has their own properties as well as 
you can use them anywhere on your body.
Which I found to be very interesting especially since most skincare brands don't offer 
this extra in their masks.
So each pack comes with 2 sheets and around 12 slices all together. 
You can share this with someone and do a mask together
if you don't want to use it all over the body,
or you can seal it tightly for the next time.


This is known to deliver high levels of Vitamin C. The mask is known to help maintain moisture levels. 

This is the mask I tried first when I was doing my Eid prep and I must say it really moisturised and refreshed my skin. 

It brightened my skin up instantly which is exactly what I needed especially the day before Eid my face needed some life! I actually shared this with my sister so I did not have to seal it up. 

I actually kept them on till they dried, they kind of fall off as they being to dry, I actually didn't wash my face after yet continued with my skincare routine to moisturise my face and I must say not only was my skin hydrated and refreshed but it was incredibly soft!


The lemon slice mask helps lighten and brighten the skin which makes the skin more radiant.

Lemons are known to help lighten pigmentation and brighten the skin. 

I like placing my sheet masks in the fridge before using them for an extra cooling effect on the skin. 


I have never come across masks that incorporated flowers beside's Roses. So seeing a sunflower mask really caught my eye and I had to get my hands on it. So on the site, this mask states to help provide elasticity and keep the skin firmer.

Sunflower oil specifically is known to combat fine lines and wrinkles, it also helps retains moisture. Sunflower oil is packed with many Vitamins and so I really am intrigued to try this mask soon and see if it works as well as the first did.

Also as a plus it looks so cute having mini sunflowers all over the face.


Probably the most common flower used in masks and for good reason. This mask on the site claims to help support the natural surface cell regeneration for smoother and more supple skin. 

Like I said it was this mask that inspired my DIY Rose Petal mask, which is where I share all the benefits of Roses for the skin.


Another flower slice mask which I found unique, this mask aims to boost moisture rapidly and keep the skin hydrated, which is great for those dry skin days.

Since I have never heard of tulips having properties that would help the skin, I am curious to try this mask out and see if it actually does help.

Sheet masks are the quickest way to intensify your skincare routine 
and enrich your skin to the max, I love a good sheet mask and I have realised 
that you don't have to break the bank especially 
since you can only get one use out of them. 

There are many affordable brands that do amazing sheet masks,
Kocostar is one of them. Koreans are known for their intense skincare routines, with their flawless skin they must be doing something right. 
This brand gets a big thumbs up from me,
defintly will be repurchasing more sheet masks,
as well as updating this post and my social media as I try the others out. 

I also try to use all the liquid that is in the packet up,
by rubbing it on my neck, hands, arms, legs,
literally everywhere!
Why let it all go to waste.

I hope you liked this review,
I will have more to come soon.
Stay tuned for my skincare routine.
I hope you give this brand a chance,
if you have questions ask away
 or you have tried them tell me what you think.

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  1. Loved this! would love to try the rose one! SpaceEngineerReharna

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  5. Never seen this before. They sound like wonderful products and easy to use.

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  7. I have not used a face mask for years. I need to pamper myself. Lol

  8. Oh had never heard about sheet masks before! Might have to try these, they look good



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