Mystique Beauty PRO Galaxy Palette - Swatches And Review

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Oh my word this Mystique Beauty PRO Galaxy Palette is SO PRETTY!
In picture and in person it lived up to every expectation upon first sight. 
So Mystique Beauty has been teasing us with this palette for a while on Instagram 
and it immediately caught my eye
for one reason alone 
I don't know why I haven't see anyone say anything or maybe they did 
and I missed the comment, but it looks strikingly similar.

Now I've known of this brand for a very long time,
but I haven't had a chance to get my hands on their palettes 
so I wasn't sure about the quality and pigmentation on a personal level, 
yet I always saw a lot of people rave about their products.

I don't jump straight away into purchasing huge palettes 
because I don't find them travel friendly, 
however I knew I wanted the JH x Morphe palette
 so I wasn't sure which palette I'd use more 
and I don't like buying for the sake of buying...
if that makes sense.

Now when I saw Mystique Beauty release this palette 
knowing the brand is cruelty free as well I thought why not check it out. 
Not only was it a good chance to try out their palettes 
and see the pigmentation/quality for myself 
but also if it was a hit I'd have a banging piece that was really affordable.

The palette retails for R350 which is really affordable for such amazing quality
and yes
I do have a coupon code with Mystique Beauty
so if you would like to save a few bucks on your purchase
use my code


Now the palette has a beautiful balance of 35 shades that consist of mattes, shimmers, satins, foils and a glitter. From neutrals, warm tones to lovely pops of colour this palette can easily be someone's go to palette for both day and night. 

The palette is made out of cardboard, so it's light weight - perfect for traveling - yet sturdy to not easily break. The shadows have no personal names and there is no mirror, yet for the price I actually understand that. 
I do see this palette getting dirty, if you're the type to be messy or you're using it in your kit the cover can dirty which personally bugs me because I like to keep everything clean even if it's just for myself.

Now down below are swatches of each row, the top picture is in natural lighting and the bottom is with flash. I did one swatch and I must say I was impressed! 
The shimmers especially were very soft and pigmented. The mattes were pigmented as well but I felt there was kick back which is to be expected with red toned shades so I didn't mind it that much. 








Each swatch was done with the JHxMorphe side by side 
the Mystique Beauty PRO Galaxy Palette. 

Row by row we compared each shade, swatching them next to each other. 
This kind of side by side swatching revealed a lot, 
about how to compare both palettes if we even were to. 

As you can tell some of the shades are completely different, 
which is okay because it is a completely different palette.

So my friend Ra'eesah (StrainedPretty) and I collaborated on a post, because she's had the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette for a while I decided to have her swatch, use and check out this Mystique Beauty PRO Galaxy Palette so she could compare both properly. 

She was the best person to give an honest impression of both palettes side by side and she even created a look using both palettes, one eye had one palette and she was able to match the look. To check that post where one side is high end makeup using the JHxMorphe Palette and one side using affordable makeup using the Mystique Beauty PRO Galaxy Palette click here.

Now what did she have to say about the palette:

"While the JHxMorphe Palette is definitely more pigmented and softer (and naturally the one I gravitate towards as an artist as it is super easy to work with), the Galaxy palette pleasantly surprised me. It was pigmented, blended easily and while not a carbon copy of the JHxMorphe Palette it was a decent dupe. 
With a bit of work, a good blending brush and some magic I managed to almost perfectly replicate the eye look using the Galaxy Palette on the affordable side"


I'm not a makeup artist, I'm also not someone who purchases products just to have and review them. I feel every product you buy should be something you can use constantly. Now onto what I think of this palette. If you're on a budget, want to support a local cruelty free brand or you just want to have one palette that has everything the Mystique Beauty PRO Galaxy Palette is definitely a GO TO PALETTE.

It was not difficult to work with, great palette for beginners especially or like I said if you need just one palette you can create many looks with - day looks and night looks. The pigmentation was really good especially for the price which really did surprised me. 
The shadows were soft, some did have a bit of kick back but that makes sense with the deep shades. The shimmers were the most pigmented, however you have to use them with a wet brush or your fingers for them to really pop on the lid. I will say what I noticed from using the deeper shades when you use a few together they can oxidise which can darken the look even more however, if you're not the type to go heavy on deep shades than this won't be a huge problem. 

I will say if you want to purchase this palette because it may be a dupe for the JHxMorphe palette it's not an actual dupe. I think a lot of the palette is inspired by the JHxMorphe palette, however Mystique Beauty did switched it up with a few shades so they're completely different which impressed me much more. 
This palette is very beautiful and I don't regret purchasing it and I do recommend this palette, the shades again swatched beautifully and blended nicely on the eyes which really is what matters.

I had a poll on my instagram stories asking what review you wanted to see first 
and this palette won the vote. 
I do hope this review is helpful,
if you do have any questions please feel free to message me or comment down below. 
When you spend a lot of money on makeup the worry is always to never regret the product,
this is a product was a good purchase in my books. 
If you would like to see me use it in a tutorial as well let me know.

I have more reviews coming out soon. 
I hope you enjoyed my collaboration post with Ra'eesah,
please head over to her blog to check that makeup post we did together 
and show some love. 

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